Rules & Regulation

Promotion is mainly based on the cumulative performance of the child, monitored throughout the academic year, as per CBSE norms.

  • 80% attendance is compulsory at all levels for promotion to the next class.
  • Conduct of the student during the particular academic session.
  • Neatness, discipline and attitude of the child.
  • Participation in School as well outside activities at National and International Level.

Pre Primary to classes I to V

  • A non-detention policy is favored in these classes unless detention at a particular level is advised due to special reasons.

Classes VI to X

  • A student must secure a minimum Grade ‘D’ in each subject to get promotion to the next higher class.

Classes XI & XII:

  • A student must secure passing marks as per CBSE norms.
  • Norms for weightage as laid down by CBSE will be followed.
  • Promotion rules of the Board concerned would be applicable in accordance with their periodic updation from the concerned Board.