School Uniform – Visitig Hours

The school has defined uniforms for the different sections of the school.

** Pre-Primary Section Uniform
** The Pre-Primary section has only one uniform and students have to wear it every day.

REGULAR uniform
VI onwards – To be worn on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
To be worn on all days by girls of classes VI to XII
HOUSE Uniform
HOUSE Uniform
I-V : On all days VI onwards : To be worn on Wednesday & Saturday
I-V : On all days
WINTER Uniform
I-V – A black sweater, black caps and gloves
Please note:

• Children must wear Black sports shoes with both the uniforms.

• Children may wear the sports shoes of any company (Bata/Action/Lakhani etc.)

• The shoes should be regularly polished.

• The house uniform has to be worn two times in a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

• Children must not wear fancy jewellery or a watch to school.

• Girls must have their hair tied up and may use a white hair band / ribbons / rubber band.

• All children must wear a washed & ironed uniform to school.