C. C. E.

Classes I – V

Three Periodical Tests will be conducted in a year along with three rounds of internal markings. A non-detention policy is followed for promotion in these classes unless detention at a particular level is advised by the concerned teachers. In such a case, parents are consulted and advised.

Evaluation Criteria PT1 PT2 PT3
Periodical Test 30/50 Marks 30/50 Marks 30/50 Marks
Internals 50 Marks 50 Marks 50 Marks
Total 80/100 Marks 80/100 Marks 80/100 Marks
Co Scholastic Areas: (2A, B, C & D and 3A, B)
2(A): Life Skills 2(B):Work Education 2(C): Visua and Performing Arts 2(D): Attitudes and Values 3: Co-Curricular Activities
1 Self Awareness
2 Problem Solving
3 Decision Making
4 Critical Thinking
5 Creative Thinking
6 Interpersonal Relationships
7 Effective Communication
8 Empathy
9 Managing Emotions
10 Dealing with stress
1.2 School mates
1.3 School Programmes and Environment
2. Value Systems
3(A) Activities (any two):
Literary and Creative Skills
Scientific Skills
Information and CommunicationTechnology (ICT)
Organizational and Leadership Skills (Clubs)
3 (B) Health and Physical Education (any two):
Sports/Indigenous Sports
Scouting and Guiding
First Aid
Gardening / Shramdaan
Grade Grade Point
A 4.1 – 5.0
B 3.1 – 4.0
C 2.1- 3.0
D 1.1 – 2.0
E 0 – 1.0

Minimum qualifying grade in Co-Scholastic Domain is B.